AquaHortus 2015 is getting shape!

This exhibition, from 5 to and including 27 September 2015 in the Hortus botanicus, Rapenburg 73 in Leiden, is one of many a splendid event in a long historical succession.

In the archives we go back to the first half of the past century. In 2015, the 17th time, we will do even better, and more professional than before. The last exhibition in the Hortus, in 2005, attracted over 10,000 extra visitors who had interest in Aquaria and Terraria. For 2015 we are planning more than 100 displays, aquaria, and terraria, and we expect more than 15,000 visitors during the three weeks that this exhibition is programmed.

The exhibition of 2015 is a Jubilee event, as the Hortus will celebrate its 425th year, the LATV (Leidse Aquarium en Terrarium Vereniging) its 85th year, and the DBA (Delft Blue Azureus) its 10th year of existence. This we would like to celebrate with you by establishing a great exhibition about our hobby in order to share with many who are interested in our hobby.

Together we will make this a feast and in doing this we will ‘take like a fish to water’!

Our aim: to organize a feast in the Hortus in Leiden that has no equal, and where Aquaria and Terraria plants and animals will be in the spotlights, in order to promote our and your hobby.
Already 40 parties (sponsors and participants) have pledged to contribute to the celebration, the AquaHortus2015. Already some 80 aquaria and terraria are in the process of getting a clean up by the volunteer chores-team.
We also cooperate with a socially active group called ‘Under Water in Leiden’, and they will also show us something beautiful: everything growing, flowering, and also swimming in the canals of Leiden.
There will certainly be different (biotope) aquaria with warm and cold water systems. There are pledges to have aquaria with cold and salt North Sea water, and what about warm and salt! Of course there will the koi carps, as well as the fish from the canals in Leiden, cold and fresh water. In the field of the terrarium there are several pledges, apart from the many varieties of tropical frogs, salamanders, chameleons, geckos, and a choice of water and land turtles and tortoises.

There is something for everyone; a fine and broad selection indeed.
You wouldn’t like to miss this! Mark it in your diary!
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